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GST Calculator: Calculate Your GST Amount Online

GST calculator enables you to find pre-GST and post-GST amounts based on specific GST rates.

GST is a crucial element to comprehensively study as there are many people charging a lot more in the name of GST. We have developed this tool, which will help you calculate your GST amount and save yourself from getting ripped off. By using our GST calculator, you can calculate GST sum within seconds without any technical hustle.

About this Tool

This tool has helped and still the primary option for many people to calculate their taxes and confirm their payment. It saves the consumer from getting fooled by evil sellers that charge more in the name of GST. I believe that this tool helped you and satisfied your query. Also, check other web tools that might be helpful for you.

How to use GST Calculator?

It is pretty simple to use this tool because of the user friendly interface that requires the user to enter the amount and also the GST %. If you are not aware of how much the government charges on a certain product, then you can refer to the GST Rate Slab mentioned below.

GST Rate Slabs

5% GST

In this slab, most of the general goods and services fall that cost less than 500 to 1000 INR. You can have a comprehensive look at the rate slabs by clicking here or visiting the official government’s GST site.

12% GST

Apparels above 1000INR fall under this GST Slab. It consists of butter, cheese, ghee, dry fruits in packaged form, animal fat, sausages, fruit juices, namkeen, ketchup & sauces, ayurvedic medicines, all diagnostic kits and reagents, cellphones, spoons, forks, tooth powder, umbrella, sewing machine, spectacles, indoor games, and other stuff. For a specific product, visit the government’s GST site or contact a tax consultant.

18% GST

Most of the goods & services fall under this GST category, and that is why people often mischarge for a general product @ 18%. For a comprehensive view click here.